Dr. Sebastian Ludyga

Wiss. Mitarbeiter Abteilung Sport- und Gesundheitspädagogik

Bürostandort: Villa Burckhardt
Tel: +41 (0)61 207 47 88

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Aktuelle Publikationen

Ludyga, SGerber, MBrand, SMücke, M; Weber, P; Brotzmann, M; Pühse, U. (2018 / in press). The acute effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive flexibility and task-related heart rate variability in children with ADHD and healthy controls Journal of Attention Disorders (IF: 3.4).
Ludyga, SGerber, M; Kamijo, K; Brand, SPühse, U. (2018 / in press). The effects of a school-based exercise program on neurophysiological indices of working memory operations in adolescents Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (IF: 3.9).
Urfer-Maurer, N; Ludyga, S; Stalder, T; Holsboer-Trachsler, E; Gerber, M; Grob, A; Weber, P; Lemola, S. (2018). Urfer-Maurer, N. Ludyga, S. Stalder, T. Brand, S. Holsboer-Trachsler, E. Gerber, M. Grob, A. Weber, P. & Lemola, S. (2018). Heart rate variability and salivary cortisol in very preterm children during school age. Psychoneuroendocrinology (Impact Factor: 4.8), 87, S. 27-34. URL

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