Ivan Müller

Swiss TPH

Bürostandort: Villa Burckhardt
Tel: +41 (0)61 207 47 67

Aktuelle Publikationen

Salvini, M; Gall, SMüller, I; Walter, C; du Randt, R; Steinmann, P; Utzinger, J; Pühse, UGerber, M. (2017/in press). Physical activity and health-related quality of life among schoolchildren from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Quality of Life Research, S. (Impact Factor: 2.34).
Gall, SMüller, I; Walter, C; Seelig, H; Steenkamp, L; Pühse, U; du Randt, R; Smith, D; Adams, L; Nqweniso, S; Yap, P; Ludyga, S; Steinmann, P; Utzinger, J; Gerber, M. (2017 / in press). Associations between selective attention and soil-transmitted helminth infections, socioeconomic status, and physical fitness in disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa: An observational study PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, S. (Impact Factor: 3.95).
Becker, S L; Müller, I; Mertens, P; Herrmann, M; Zondie, L; Beyleveld, L; Gerber, M; du Randt, R; Pühse, U; Walter, C; Utzinger, J. (2017 / in press). PCR-based verification of positive rapid diagnostic tests for intestinal protozoa infections with variable test band intensity Acta Tropica, S. (Impact Factor: 2.38).

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