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The PACO research group receives SNSF grant for a project investigating effects of exercise on social cognition

The Swiss National Science Foundation approved funding of the project entitled «Neurophysiological effects of exercise with and without the integration of cooperative activities on social-cognitive abilities in preadolescents» over a period of four years. The project is led by PD. Dr. Sebastian Ludyga and supported by Prof. Rainer Greifeneder (Social Psychology unit of the University of Basel) and Prof. Keita Kamijo (Chukyo University, Japan).

In two randomized, controlled trials, the project aims to examine the acute and long-term effects of exercise targeting improvements in physical fitness with or without integration of cooperative activities on preadolescents’ social-cognitive abilities in a school setting. Electroencephalography and electrocardiography are employed to investigate processes that may underlie exercise-induced changes in emotion recognition, regulation, and Theory of Mind. Additionally, the project team examines potential transfer effects to classroom behavior, prosocial behavior, and social exclusion.